Keller Williams - Stage (2 live CDs)

Keller releases an album that highlights his awe-inspiring performance skills! Fully enveloped in the art of digital looping on the two discs, KW settles into the groove as if he's backed by a full band. Each disc has a decidedly different vibe. Keller says "99% of the first disc was recorded at the Cal Poly Theatre in San Luis Obispo, and that was an all-seated venue, listening intently and quiet, whereas the show in the Northeast was seatless. Much more of a dance energy vibe there."

Disc One:
1- Tubeular mp3
2- Rapper's Delight mp3
3- Skitso mp3
4- Under Pressure mp3
5- Shinjuku mp3
6- Keep It Simple mp3
7- Dance of The Freek mp3
8- Blazeabago mp3
9- Let's Go Dancing mp3
10- Blazeabago mp3
11- Moondance mp3
12- Stargate mp3
13- Hum Diddly Eye mp3
14- One Way Johnny mp3
15- Novelty Song mp3

Disc Two:
1- Shapes of M&M's
2- Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
3- Dudelywah
4- Bird Song
5- For What it's Worth
6- Prelude To A Cracker
7- Cracker Ass Cracker
8- Zilla A Trois
9- Gate Crashers Suck
10- Balcony Baby
11- Celebrate Your Youth
12- My Sisters and Brothers -> Boob Job