Keith Moody - The Only Ride You Can Get CD

Keith's debut solo album released in 2010 is a culmination of songs written over a span of 8 years and reflects myriad of influences from the soul of Ray Charles to bluesy groves of John Mayer and the clever lyrics of Tom Petty. From happy tunes like Think that feels a touch nostalgic and retro to the haunting, familiar ache of the beautifully wistful Trail of Tears. The first single Press Gas and Go is realizing the relationship is not working and it's time to move on.

Awaken Music - "From the first listen, Keith Moody reminded me of a nice blend of Americana roots-rock and country. There are moments of Tom Petty, Gin Blossoms, and Keith Urban. Moody has a pop appealing ear that truly shows in his writing and production."

Country Music Facts and News - "This CD steps in that area between Country-Rock and Americana. In fact, there is something of the Keith Urban about him. This is a worth hearing CD."

Track List:
1. Think listen
2. Press Gas and Go listen
3. Trail of Tears listen
4. 1,000 Prisons listen
5. Coins listen
6. Love Drunk listen
7. Gravity listen
8. Angels listen
9. Only God Knows listen
10. Some Things Get Better With Age listen
11. The Only Ride You Can Get listen

Released in 2010