Keith Moody - Dreaming Out Loud CD

Moody continued his same strength of song with the sophomore release of his new classic rock influenced album, Dreaming Out Loud. "With this album I have a sound that is unique to me" states Moody. "The sound is big yet stripped down, using the basic instrumentation you might hear from 4 or 5 piece rock bands, letting the songs carry the performance and do most of the work. I am excited for everyone to hear this record. I hit on some subjects both personal and broad that people can relate to in their own way." The debut single, "One Big Ending" video features a young woman who has always done what was expected and then decides to pursue her dreams. The first track, "Long Way Up", personifies the tough but often rewarding journey of fighting for what you want out of your life, battling obstacles but never giving up. Then there is the most upbeat song of the album, "Up", which is all about finding that perfect person. The many influences of Keith's journey are reflected throughout the album in songs such as "New Distraction", "Lay It Down Easy", "Already Home", "I Don't Know (Who the Bad Guys Are Anymore)" and "Plastic Hearts".

"What I do hear is some fine rock & roll with a pop flair. I mean that in a good way (lots of hooks and strong choruses) not in the bad American Idol way. In particular I liked Long Way Up, Lay It Down Easy, One Big Ending and Red Line. Very much worth a listen if you are a little starved for some rock music in 2012." - - "The songs are great. Moody, is even greater. Aside from being an instrumentalist, Moody's lyrics are what drives the album. They are true, deeper than those of even the best songwriters of our generation or generations past. Music is supposed to be a mild break from reality, words are supposed to be an escape, but with Moody, reality never sounded so beautiful, never felt so good. Today's dance tracks or ballads can't compare to the the high you feel from the lyrics present on the album, full of life, exuberant in nature."

Michelle Humphrey,Denver Rock Music Examiner - "Moody is a very talented musician, and when listening to his music, it is obvious that he has a true passion for what he is doing. The album has something for everyone, and it doesn't disappoint."

Skope Magazine - "Then I put on Keith's new single, "Up" and I am awake and ready to face the day. I have heard many hit songs and it is safe to say that "Up!" is a feel-good bonfaide hit!"

Track List:
1. Long Way Up listen
2. Lay It Down Easy listen
3. Do it Over listen
4. New Distraction listen
5. Up listen
6. One Big Ending listen
7. Next in Line listen
8. Red Line listen
9. Already Home listen
10. I Don't Know (Who the Bad Guys Are Anymore) listen
11. Plastic Hearts listen

Released February 2012