Jonah Smith - Lights On CD

Images of love, war, natural disaster and political awakening weave through Jonah Smith's new album, Lights On. Its stories travel from country to city as we are taken from a lone man ice fishing in Cabin Fever to Brooklyn for a New Year's Eve celebration in the song Mrs. Cooper.

Sonically, there is more consistency than Smith is likely to admit; he pulls from the deep well of American Blues and many of its offshoots: Soul, Country, and Folk to name a few. Essentially, he is a songwriter with the voice of a soul singer.

The album pulls in diverging directions, finding the tension between hope and cynicism, the beauty of both blitheness and despair. This is all further colored by the unique contributions of many musicians, such as Carrie Rodriguez who delivers a haunting vocal on the album's closer I Know What You're Talking About, a song which deals with the dream state of routine and was inspired by a scene in Milan Kundera's masterpiece, The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Track List:
1 Love Gets Lost (3:59)2 Cabin Fever (4:34)3 Misguided (4:59)4 Lights On (4:22)5 World Without Love (4:36)6 Mrs. Cooper (3:12)7 Open Up the Door (3:29)8 Can't Find My Way Home (3:30)9 Built For Two (2:30)10 Gold and Green (3:57)11 I Know What You're Talking About (4:03)

Release date August 18, 2009

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