Jonah Smith - Jonah Smith CD

It's no surprise that New York-based Jonah Smith came into his own as singer/songwriter/pianist in the world's biggest melting pot. Check in with Smith in a subterranean Downtown jazz club, sit for a while and listen to him play--his hat cocked sideways, his manner shy, his humor dry--and you'll see that he, like New York, is a little bit of everything: a seasoned player, he's a little bit jazz; a heartfelt vocalist, he's definitely soul; a talented balladeer and storyteller, he's even a little Nashville. Yet, essentially, at its essence, it's rock and roll. Tastefully rootsy and endlessly soulful, Smith's self-titled debut--the premier release from Relix Records--ranges from vintage, pedal steel-laced Americana to classic, Rhodes-drenched, blue-eyed soul. Some, like the funky, smoky and sweet single "When We Say Goodnight," are something else entirely.

1- Little Black Angels mp3
2- When We Say Goodnight mp3
3- Stay Awhile mp3
4- My Morning Scene mp3
5- Cast A Long Shadow mp3
6- Killing Time mp3
7- Everything (intro) mp3
8- Everything Is New mp3
9- Give It All Away mp3
10- Both Sides mp3
11- Dressed In White mp3

Released 6/27/06

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