Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes - Live at Jazz Fest 2006 CD


Official live recording from JazzFest Live!

Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes have gained a loyal following in the competitive New Orleans music scene. Their unique Funk/Rock style blends guitar, violin and harmonica with a hard driving rhythm section reminiscent of the Radiators' swamp funk added to the punchy horns of Tower Of Power. They combine the manic energy of 1980s Fishbone with Deep South soul. It is this energy that fuels the crowd into an enthusiastic frenzy, and the band has been known to jump in head first (sometimes literally).

1- Sherm
2- Ya Herd Me
3- Cora Lee
4- Ca Va Chovia
5- Sweet Chalmette
6- Manzanita
7- Bandicoot
8- Biscuits & Gravy
9- Right Hand Thunder
10- Bobby Ramirez