John Brown's Body - Pressure Points CD

JBB's fift studio album marks a distinct step forward for America's most original reggae band! The eight-piece band, guided by producer Alex Perialis, have created an energetic studio experience that bottles the righteous intensity of their live shows and pushes the boundaries of studio creativity. With lyrics that are challenging, personal, and political and music that takes roots reggae to unknown places, this album is more proof of JBB's singular style!

1- Bread mp3
2- Heart And Soul mp3
3- Blazing Love mp3
4- New Blood mp3
5- Make It Easy mp3
6- Full Control mp3
7- What We Gonna Do? mp3
8- Picking Up mp3
9- Resonate mp3
10- Not Enough mp3
11- Follow Into Shadow mp3
12- Pressure Points mp3