John Brown's Body - Amplify CD

An explosive album featuring twelve tracks of drum & bass-heavy dub-inflected electro grooves that make up the sound JBB is known for, with a forward-thinking, fearless approach to tempos, beats, and feel that expands the genre of roots reggae as a whole. Produced by Elliot Martin and Jason "Jocko" Randall.

1. Amplify mp3 sample
2. Give Yourself Over mp3 sample
3. The Gold mp3 sample
4. Speak Of The Devil (with Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite) mp3 sample
5. Push Some Air mp3 sample
6. Shake The Dice mp3 sample
7. Sky Juice mp3 sample
8. Make Your Move mp3 sample
9. Ghost Notes
10. So Aware
11. Zion Triad
12. Be At Peace

Released Sept. 30, 2008