Jessica Lurie Ensemble - Zipa! Buka!

Lurie leads her ensemble through some serious hard bop and post bop charts of her own composition with remarkable alacrity. While there is room for improvisation in the music, Lurie's ensemble is definitely not a jamband; this is genuine jazz, based on tightly constructed charts. A wonderful album, and a must have for fans of jazz. -

Jessica Lurie - alto sax
Sue Orfield - tenor sax
Scott Amendola - drums
Eyvind Kang - violin
Keith Lowe - bass
Jason Seed, Leif Totusek - guitars

1- Pudding
2- For A Thousand Kisses
3- Dreamsville
4- Shut Yer Pie Hole
5- J'ai Faim, Moi
6- The Feathers of Devils
8- Sleepwalker's Travel Guide