Hymn For Her - Lucy & Wayne and the AmAIRican Stream CD

Lucy Tight & Wayne Waxing are "Hymn For Her", a band that hails from anywhere they can park their trailer.H4H live, tour and record in their 16 foot, 1961 Bambi Airstream (comes with dog and baby). Their new summer release 2010, 'Lucy & Wayne and THE AMAIRICAN STREAM' was entirely recorded in their classic trailer on a coast to coast U.S tour. They stopped at various campgrounds and friends' driveways between shows, set up their gear in their Bambi/home recording studio, rolled tape and rocked out. Many photographs and videos were taken during this endeavour. (Music videos will be released throughout 2010.) The album was mixed by Jim Diamond (who did the first White Stripes record) and captures the live, raucous sounds of H4H. Armed with 2 bullet mics, a three-stringed broom handle/cigar box, banjo, dobro, bass drum, hi-hat, and harp, this 'lil duo causes massive earthquakes wherever they play.

Track List
1. Slips 2:41 mp3 sample
2. Grave 4:33 mp3 sample
3. Sea 3:51 mp3 sample
4. Fiddlestix 4:26 mp3 sample
5. Not 4:57 mp3 sample
6. Montana 3:36 mp3 sample
7. Cave 2:27 mp3 sample
8. Here 5:10 mp3 sample
9. C'mon 3:12 mp3 sample
10. Sangre 3:54 mp3 sample
11. Thursday 3:57 mp3 sample
12. Odette 2:52 mp3 sample

Released in 2010