Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger CD

1. Demention 7:17
2. Shakey Shaker 6:22
3. Trancespotter 8:36
4. Horrorgram 7:32
5. Snarling (remix) 6:47
6. Gamma Goblins Part 2 8:47
7. Deranger 7:33
8. Jiggle of the Sphinx 6:40

Hallucinogen's debut album Twisted, released in 1995, set the standard for the then burgeoning trance scene, showing him to be a true pioneer and master of his art. In 1997 he released his second album, The Lone Deranger, this time on his own label. With another fine selection of his own particular brand of psychedelic techno, the album was recorded in Dorset at Hallucinogens Sound Labs and has eight tracks, including the single Deranger.

Originally released 1997, re-released Nov. 11 2008