Greyboy - Soul Mosaic CD

10 years after his first release for Ubiquity, Greyboy returns with an album a beefy funk, scintillating soul, and laid-back vibes.

1. Genevieve mp3
2. Son-Ray mp3
3. Bronson mp3
4. See My Eyes mp3
5. Omega mp3
6. To Know You is to Love You mp3
7. Awright mp3
8. So Good mp3
9. Got to Be Love mp3
10. Big Tito mp3
11. Loggia mp3
12. Make Music mp3
13. Gotta Stand for Something mp3
14. Everyday Problem mp3
15. Genevieve (Quantic remix) mp3
16. Gotta Stand For Something (Paul Nice remix) mp3