Gordon Stone Band - Red Room CD

The Gordon Stone Band announces the release of their new CD "Red Room".

Gordon Stone - banjo, pedal steel guitar
Russ Lawton - drums, percussion, vocals, rhythm guitar
Rudy Dauth - bass, backing vocals
With guests Patrick Ross on fiddle, Sara Lynch and Kevin Levesque on backing vocals.

Featuring original banjo driven instrumentals by Gordon and the band plus three vocal tracks by drummer Russ Lawton, known for his songwriting collaborations on Phish's "Farmhouse" and recent tours with Trey Anastasio.

Bonus Track - "Runaway Jim" from the recent "Sharin' in the Groove" Phish tribute benifit release.

Track List:
1- Major Breakdown
2- Yesterday's Coffee
3- Too Quick to Judge
4- Close Enough
5- I Don't Know
6- Kaboss
7- Light
8- Half Creek
9- Runaway Jim
10- Red Room
11- Hammock Time

Maybe it's unfair. After all, Gordon Stone can't help it if Bela Fleck got rich and famous for sounding like him. Or that Phish, his old buddies from Burlington, Vermont, have sky rocketed in popularity to limousine rock star status while the rest of the scene continues to tour the hard way - driving beat up old vans and loading their own gear. Truth is, the only thing Stone, or any musician for that matter, can do is make their best music and let the chips fall where they may. And that seems to be Stone's plan. For starters, Stone gets back to basics with his trademark trio lineup, including longtime drummer Russ Lawton as well as Rudy Dauth on bass. Then there's the material. From mesmerizing banjo exotica ("Close Enough") and kick-up-your-boots barn dance ("Major Breakdown") to genre bending audio alchemy like the Cajun beat/Nashville twang juxtaposition of "Yesterday's Coffee," Red Room is vintage Gordon Stone. Mix in a few tracks with Dauth on vocals, including a serving of Phish with a rousing cover of "Runaway Jim," and you've got one of the most thoroughly enjoyable new releases of 2001. - Lee Abraham