Flannel Church - Live at Wanee 2013 CD

Professionally recorded April 19, 2013 at the Wanee Music Festival.

Born from an infectious groove drummer Duane Trucks and bassist Kevin Scott discovered after a late-night jam session in Atlanta's historic Little Five Points district, Flannel Church's lineup initially came together under the watchful eye of the legendary Col. Bruce Hampton. Fronted by vocalists Marshall Ruffin and Lawson Feltman on lead guitars, Flannel Church brings a hard-hitting, old school gospel stomp to their soulful American blues. From swampy late nights on Frenchmen Street to blazing hot shuffles on the Carolina coast, they leave an indelible mark on listeners, ushering in a new generation of Southern roots music.

Set list:
1. Jackie, Oh (4:21) listen
2. Pennies (Part 1) (6:06) listen
3. Foreign Legion (4:35) listen
4. Cover to Cover (9:18) listen
5. Stage banter (1:09) listen
6. Soldier On (4:52) listen