Fifth House - Place CD

Rock, Funk, Soul, Groove, Big, Bad. It's as simple as that. Catchy phrases and witticisms aside, Fifth House embodies these descriptions and more. Feeling as equally at home in a body-shaking groove as a heart-wrenching ballad, Fifth House calls forth musical influences from a world of color and variety. They seamlessly marry great lyricism and catchy hooks with explosive performances. Unique, heartfelt and immediately danceable, Fifth House invites everyone to hang on and enjoy the ride.

The first full-length album by Fifth House is a soulful blend of emotive lyrics and powerhouse songcraft. The songs on Place exhibit a harmonious blend of varied musical styles and influences. From the sweat-soaked funk of "I Can Feel It Coming On" and "No Down Allowed", the heavy-footed swagger of "Place" and "Good Times", to the contemplative atmospheric lift of "Phase Shift" and "Push And Pull", this CD mirrors life's colorful tapestry of feelings, moods and experiences.

1. I Can Feel It Coming On mp3
2. No Down Allowed mp3
3. Place mp3
4. First Stone mp3
5. Good Times mp3
6. Phase Shift mp3
7. Sheba mp3
8. Give It Up mp3
9. Push And Pull mp3
10. Give 'Em An Inch mp3
11. Sky To Fall mp3

Released 2006