Fiddleworms - Volkswagen Catfish CD

In the mid-1990s, The Fiddleworms emerged as the most important rock band working out of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Taking their name from night crawler catfish bait and traveling to gigs in an orange stretch limo, they developed a large following across the spectrum of the music industry.

The Fiddleworms of today go far beyond the fat chops, meaty grooves and original rock that have become the central theme of their legendary live shows. Their songs feature images of southern character and charm with personal stories that transcend lifeaEU(tm)s struggles. The Fiddleworms are made up of guitarist/vocalist and founder Russell Mefford, guitarist/vocalist and former Drive By Truckers member Rob Malone, former Michael Nesmith bassist David MacKay, drummer Daniel Ledford and keyboardist Clint Bailey. All members have deep roots in the music and recording culture, including southern rock, jam band, and classic rock music scenes.

Their new Hart of Gold Records release VOLKSWAGEN CATFISH features music in a variety of styles, including reggae, country, jam band, rhythm and blues, funk, New Orleans jazz, and rock, and reflects the long and storied history of the Shoals music scene and the band members' individual past influences and connections.

The Fiddleworms create a live music scene that encompasses a wide array of talent and styles that fans adore. Their ability to captivate an audience through their harmonies, lyrical style and MaloneaEU(tm)s salt-of-the-earth riffs are beyond comparison.

1 428 mp3 sample
2 Easy Girl mp3 sample
3 Heartbreak Escapade mp3 sample
4 Crows mp3 sample
5 I'm Not The One mp3 sample
6 When The Axe Fell mp3 sample
7 The Noble Lie mp3 sample
8 Volkswagen Catfish mp3 sample
9 Blackness
10 September
11 Rag Man
12 Sympathize
13 Strutting Duck

Released September 2008