Eymarel - Groovin' A Little Each Day CD

The duo EYMAREL is a refreshing blend of head-bobbin' grooves, smooth organ-ic improv', and sultry singing. The duo combines the talents of Mary Frances, (vocals, keys, and bass), and Lee Allen, (drums, samples, and keys). Once the two discovered each other's passion for both creating and playing music, they quickly decided to combine their journeys with hopes to spread their unique sound and positive energy. Coming from opposite ends in the field of music, their backgrounds compliment one another resulting in a captivating sound and on-stage presence attracting a wide variety of listeners.

Mary Frances's musical journey began under the classical training of Frances Eggleston Scott Carter as well as the teachings of her father's rock-n-roll-soul outfit. She continued her training during her college career with Dr. Bair Shagdaron in the mountains of North Carolina. Her years of practice have set the stage for her transposition into the world of playing both bass and keys. Mary Frances also adds an additional dynamic twist to the music with her incredible husky voice, a voice that creates a perfect compliment to her grooving, soulful playing. Drummer Lee Allen was first drawn to the skins at the age of five by the influences of his father's marching band drumline and old Chicago and Tower Of Power records. His passion for beats led him to the teachings of Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA, and then to the mountains of North Carolina under the direction of Dr. Rob Falvo. Lee Allen's collective musical experiences have set the stage for his many contributions to the duo.

Groovin' A Little Each Day is their first studio album, and it shows the pair's fearless will to stretch out musically.

1- Fly (8:48) mp3
2- Screened In (11:07) mp3
3- 2:17 (10:19) mp3
4- Stronger (8:48) mp3
5- What's Your Way? (9:29) mp3
6- Into You (7:59) mp3

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