Elizabeth Conant - Why Shouldn't I?

For her debut disc, Conant has chosen some seldom-heard club and show songs those of us who were around during the distant years of the last century still cherish. Her interpretations are so lovingly rendered that more recent arrivals on the scene will find them irresistible. The late Lin Halliday, in his final recording, shapes his solo so masterfully that, together, they make us yearn for our lost melodies from a time when there was a popular music shared by young and old. - Harvey Overton

This celebration of popular American songs features Elizabeth's stunning vocals as well as performances by Fareed Haque, Lin Halliday, Michael Raynor, John Whitfield, and more.

1- Why Shouldn't I?
2- 'Tis Autumn
3- Little White Lies
4- It's Slumbertime Along The Swanee
5- There's A Small Hotel
6- The Sky Fell Down
7- Slowpoke
8- I Didn't Know About You
9- The Day You Leave Me
10- I See Your Face Before Me
11- It's So Peaceful In The Country
12- It Never Entered My Mind
13- The Night We Called It A Day