ekoostik hookah - Under Full Sail: It All Comes Together (2 CDs)

ekoostik hookah's first studio sessions since welcoming John Mullins back to the group took place in November 2006 at the legendary Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta. A week's worth of recording culminated with a weekend of SOLD OUT shows where hookah recorded live in front of a passionate audience of 150 inside the Tree Sound Studio's intimate environment.

These CDs contain new versions of all the songs on the original Under Full Sail disc plus an entire second disc with the highlighted tracks from the live studio recording!

D1: Studio Sessions:
1- Under Full Sail mp3
2- Arctic Song mp3
3- A Farewell From Futures Past mp3
4- Lazy River mp3
5- Tumblin' mp3
6- Water Bear mp3

D2: Live Sessions:
1- One World
2- Walk Real Slow
3- Stuck In The Snow
4- Freedom Flying
5- Utopia
6- When The Sun Goes Down
7- Carousel

Release date: May 8, 2007