Ekoostik Hookah - Brij CD

Ekoostik Hookah studio album recorded in Athens, Ohio in 2010. The CD represents a snapshot of the band during a transitional phase as members changed. The title, "Brij", is the phonetic spelling of the word "bridge," and represents a connection between the band's past, present and future. Tracks on the cd showcase a wide array of styles, as is often common in the band's live performances.

Track List:
1. You'll Never Find listen
2. Breathe listen
3. Black Mamba listen
4. Anne Marie listen
5. Sail Away listen
6. Way of the World listen
7. y'Aint Seen Nothin' (Blue Eyed Girl) listen
8. Thumper listen
9. One Sad Song listen
10. Whiskey Woman listen

Released April 2013