Easy Star All Stars - First Light CD


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First Light is the first full-length album of original songs from EASY STAR ALL-STARS. The band that brought you Dub Side of the Moon, Radiodread and Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Dub Club. The band have built a huge following around the world, and have played shows in over 30 countries on 6 continents. This new album is an important step in the band's story, demonstrating a wide range of approaches to reggae, from progressive to classic, roots to futurist, confirming the All-Stars place as one of the most influential acts on the US reggae scene.

FIRST LIGHT features 14 songs created by all of the members of the Easy Star All-Stars, along with guest appearances by Cas Haley, Junior Jazz, The Meditations, Tony Tuff, Lady Ann and Daddy Lion Chandell. Produced by Michael Goldwasser.

Track List:
1. Don't Stop The Music listen
2. Break Of Dawn listen
3. First Light (Ramblin' Fever) listen
4. One Likkle Draw - Easy Star All-Stars & Junior Jazz/Daddy Lion Chandell listen
5. Something Went Wrong listen
6. Easy Now Star - Easy Star All-Stars & The Meditations/Tony Tuff/Lady Ann listen
7. Universal Law listen
8. Paid My Dues listen
9. Reggae Pension listen
10. In The Light listen
11. Unbelievable - Easy Star All-Stars & Cas Haley listen
12. All The Way listen
13. I Won't Stop listen
14. Don't Stop Dub Music listen

Released 04.05.2011