Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots CD

Go-Go Boots builds on their roots with the old Muscle Shoals country-and-soul sound. 'We recorded nearly 40 songs last year and into this year and fairly early on divided it into two separate albums' explains DBT co-founder Patterson Hood. 'The Big To-Do, releases first, was the more straightforward 'rock' album. Go-Go Boots is what I sometimes (semi-jokingly) refer to as our country, soul, and murder ballad album. Those elements definitely play into it, but it's a little more open ended than that.'

Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley continue to be the chief songwriters of the group, continuing a musical partnership that has lasted over twenty-three years. Bassist, Shonna Trucker, flexes her songwriting muscles once again by contributing two original songs to the album. Brad Morgan (drums), John Neff (guitar/pedal steel) and Jay Gonzalez (keyboards) round out the current Drive-By Truckers lineup.

Release date 02.15.11