Dread Zeppelin - Bar Coda CD


Few music lovers will forget the first time they heard Dread Zeppelin. Whether they were amused, appalled, speechless or disgusted, none could deny that Dread Zeppelin was the finest Elvis-impersonator-fronted reggae-driven Led Zeppelin cover band in existence at that time. Even now, almost 20 years after their auspicious debut, Dread Zeppelin still do what they do better than anyone, and while Bar Coda might (?) signal the end of this intrepid band, their daring contributions to music will live on forever.

1- Celebration Day mp3
2- The Lemon Song mp3
3- No Woman No Cry mp3
4- The Ocean mp3
5- The Rover mp3
6- Suspicious Minds mp3
7- Out On The Tiles mp3
8- That's Alright Mama mp3
9- Thank You
10- Bar Coda

Released 2/12/08