Donna Hopkins Band - Live CD

Recorded in Atlanta on March 18th, 2005, this show managed to capture the essence of what DHB is all about. This is their first live album and is a must have for all southern blues fans. Check out the samples and then get busy!

An amazing musical force from Atlanta, GA she combines the elements of blues and rock into a powerful trio. Influences range from Susan Tedeschi to Derek Trucks to the Allman Brothers and with her wailing guitar leads and soulful voice her style and substance can eclipse even the most lofty influence.

1: In Spite of Yourself 5:16 mp3
2: Dirty Alabama Road 3:49 mp3
3: Don't Ask Why 6:42 mp3
4: Let Love Go 5:22 mp3
5: Everything Money Can't Buy 3:55 mp3
6: free To Go 7:33 mp3
7: U-Haul You Back 4:08 mp3
8: Thunderin' In the Thickets 9:36 mp3
9: Meet Me In the River 6:11 mp3
10: Anything 4:33 mp3
11: Hit Me 4:12 mp3

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