Dispatch - Bang Bang CD

Hailing from the northeast, Bomber Records recording artist DISPATCH has been writing, performing, and recording since 1995. Rooted in rock, reggae, and funk, DISPATCH's music may best be described as a self-branded style of "tri-vocal funkcoustic instrument-swap groove." Whether laying it back with a reggae vibe, wailing on acoustic guitars, or jamming on electric-driven grooves, the intensity of the band's three part vocals and harmonies remains front and center. And DISPATCH is only three: Braddigan, Chetro, and Repete: three bandmates; three frontmen. Their live show involves frequent instrument trading, and many on-the-fly changeovers between both acoustic and electric set-ups. The varying styles, percussive jams, raps, and intricate harmonies have earned DISPATCH a tight underground following from coast to coast. DISPATCH has recorded four albums to date. Their debut CD, silent steeples (Bomber, 1996), displays much of the band's acoustic strength, while their electric follow-up, Bang Bang (Bomber, 1997), lays a solid groove throughout. Four-Day Trials, released on February 25th (Bomber, 1999) was born out of a long weekend recording session turned vamp-- a spontaneous rolling of tape that ended up capturing much of the band's live energy in the studio. And now DISPATCH has released "Who Are We Living For?" which debuted at #17 on Billboard's top selling internet releases in its first week. (It has also recently been listed in Rolling Stone as one of the top 10 releases in 2000.)

Track List:
1- Here We Go
2- Bats in the Belfry
3- The General
4- Bang Bang
5- Mission
6- Drive
7- Two Coins
8- Railway
9- Whirlwind
10- Out Loud