Dispatch - All Points Bulletin (2 CDs, 1 DVD)

The double-disc live CD with DVD companion of the epic last show on July 31st at the Hatch Shell in Boston, MA. This event drew 110,000 Dispatch fans from all over the world, and will go down in history as the largest indie music movement of all time. The CD/DVD will also include footage from the Somerville Theatre warmup show days before.

Disc One - Somerville:
1- Open Up mp3
2- Time Served mp3
3- Here We Go mp3
4- Cover This mp3
5- Riddle mp3
6- Bang Bang mp3
7- Ride A Tear mp3
8- Lightning mp3
9- Mayday mp3
10- Even mp3
11- Passerby mp3
12- Prince Of Spades mp3

Disc Two - Boston:
1- Past the Falls
2- Bulletholes
3- Fallin'
4- Two Coins
5- Bridges
6- Elias
7- Carry You
8- Bats
9- Outloud
10- General

DVD - The Best of Both Shows Plus More:
Bats (Video)
Remake Me
The Dispatch Wall
Road Trip
Documentary Preview