Del McCoury Band - The Family CD


By now, bluegrass fans know what to expect from Del McCoury and his band: hard-driving bluegrass from the most awarded band in the business, with high, soulful harmonies and thrilling instrumentation. The Family will not disappoint. Here the songs are even stronger than on the band's previous effort, 1998's The Cold Hard Facts, with contributions from Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, John Sebastian, and the McCoury father-son team. Standout tracks are Del McCoury's "The Look Of A Perfect Diamond" and "50/50 Chance," confirming that he's still one of the best practitioners of bluegrass songcraft. Mark Simos' "City Of Stone," a perfect match for Del McCoury's lonesome tenor, could easily have been written for McCoury to sing, and is destined to be an important part of the band's stage repertoire. Producer Jerry Douglas adds lonesome dobro moans to Verlon Thompson and Billy Smith's "Backslidin' Blues," and the McCourys' version of Monroe's stirring gospel quartet "Get Down On Your Knees And Pray," long a concert favorite for the band, is a welcome surprise here. The most enjoyable track is without a doubt the McCourys' reprise of John Sebastian's tongue-in-cheek "Nashville Cats," especially apropos since the McCoury clan is now considered the hottest group of young pickers in Music City, evidenced by their recent work with Steve Earle on The Mountain. Mandolinist Ronnie McCoury's tribute to the late Philadelphia icon Frannie "Mad Dog" Hoffman, "Red Eyes On A Mad Dog" is another fine mandolin instrumental, much like his previous efforts "Quicksburg Rondezvous" and "Baltimore Johnny." This exceptional outing is clearly the handiwork of the entire Del McCoury extended family (sons Ronnie and Rob, bassist Mike Bub, fiddler Jason Carter and erstwhile producer/dobroist Jerry Douglas). It will surely be a new favorite for bluegrass fans, and a solid foundation for yet another round of well-deserved IBMA awards.

Track List:
1- A Far Cry
2- Don't You Think It's Time to Go
3- The Look of a Perfect Diamond
4- Backslidin' Blues
5- Nashville Cats
6- Get Down On Your Knees and Pray
7- Red Eyes on a Mad Dog
8- 50/50 Chance
9- City of Stone
10- On The Lonesome Wind
11- She's Left Me Again
12- Cryin' Heart Blues