David Nelson Band - Keeper of the Key CD


"Keeper of the Key" is evidence that David Nelson is one the most under-appreciated artists these days. Nelson usually plays Grateful Dead soaked music. While he doesn't lead a Grateful Dead cover band, he has adopted some of the Dead's conventions and musical assumptions. So while there's something very familiar about David Nelson's sound, there's also something fresh and original. This 5/6/95 live recording has the expected energy of a live show with studio sound quality. Some of the assets to this recording include the song writing, Jerry Garcia inspired guitar work, improvisation and vocals. Indeed, David Nelson exercises a distinctive and powerful voice. There are a few long (12 minute) tracks that showcase improvisation and others that demonstrate quality songwriting. Perhaps it's the twang in the vocals or Barry Sless' steel guitar, but compared to the Dead, David Nelson achieves a more authentic expression of Americana. In addition to the music, Stanley Mouse's artwork is stunning. The cover is the perfect representation of the Americana Jam Rock contained within.

Track Listing:
1. John Hardy's Wedding
2. Wicked Messenger
3. Impressionists Two-Step
4. The Wizard's Son
5. Four: Fifty-One
6. See So Far
7. The Wheel
8. Kick in the Head # 9