David Grisman Sextet CD


In 1976 the newly-formed David Grisman Quintet recorded the first album of dawg music, an acoustic blend of many styles and traditions. Now forty years later that music continues to evolve with this first recording of the David Grisman Sextet. Many faces, hearts and hands have changed but the musical vision is still intact -- the Dawg's own music. 

This release, the first album of Grisman originals in a decade, features dawg veterans Jim Kerwin (bass), Matt Eakle (flute), George Marsh (drums), new members Chad Manning (fiddle) and George Cole (guitar) and the Dawg himself. The tunes and arrangements offer the widest range of influences from swing and jazz to bluegrass, latin, funk and even old-time and ragtime! Don't miss this latest exciting chapter in Dawg music history!

Track Listing:

  1. Bells Of Camoglia listen
  2. The Purple Grotto listen
  3. Newly Wedding listen
  4. Slinky listen
  5. Horn Pipe Dream listen
  6. Waltz For Gigi listen
  7. Dawg's Bounce listen
  8. Hannah & Rio listen
  9. Del & Dawg listen

Release Date: 06.03.16