David Dixon CD

David Dixon CD

"(Dixon's) self-titled album is one of the smoothest records, from beginning to end, I’ve ever heard, especially given its wandering styles. There’s a lot of sultry soul on the album, whether it’s “Stay” or “Love and Hate” with its wonderful guitar solo near the end.

The album has a lot of personalities, all coming together to where it’s almost unnoticeable. There are aesthetics of funk, rock (the early crunching guitar on the slow jam “Sway”), western feel on “Wrong Way,” hints of ska (“Even Steven”) and “Don’t Forget Tonight” is a circus of styles, moving from jam band exploration to something sultry and sassy."  - Brian Tucker, StarNews Wilmington

Track List:

  1. Sway listen
  2. Forget Tonight listen
  3. Even Steven listen
  4. Love/Hate listen
  5. Wrong Way (feat. Rebekah Todd) listen
  6. Seven Years (feat. Sean Gregory) listen
  7. Black Heart listen
  8. Jimbos listen
  9. Stay listen
  10. On Another Day listen