Dave Littrell - Now I See CD

Dave Littrell's songs pair his storytelling skills with methodical acoustic guitar playing, bouncing rock rhythms and hook-filled melodies. The endless array of instruments Littrell has in his repertoire contributes a further level of sophistication to his effortlessly smooth vocal delivery. A solo project was a natural way for Littrell to express the lighter, more melodic side of him than the guitar solo-filled intricate rock and electronica of The Station. This progression culminated with Littrell's 2011 solo debut album, Now I See. In addition to his captivating vocals, Littrell plays acoustic guitar, bass, saxophone, piano, organ, percussion, and flute, on the album. Now I See was produced by Littrell's longtime collaborator and co-founding member of The Station, Dave Carter.

Track List:
1. Now I See listen
2. Sweet Dreams listen
3. Lullaby listen
4. Tell You What listen
5. Catch Me listen
6. I Humbly Ask listen
7. Glencoe Mourning listen
8. River Coe listen
9. Rural Route One listen
10. Little Things listen
11. Confided listen
12. Young and Carefree listen
13. Steall Falls listen

Released August 2011