Danny Barnes - Dirt On The Angel CD

Danny Barnes' quirky, sometimes hilarious banjo and vocals are in peacock-like display on this new CD! With help from guests Bill Frisell, Darol Anger, Chuck Leavell, and Dirk Powell, Barnes' new record is as sonically stunning as it is witty and entertaining.

1- Life In The Country
2- Get It While You Can
3- Dirt On The Angel
4- Water Wagon
5- Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy
6- I Likes My Chicken Hot
7- Kitchen Floor Waltz
8- Face To Face
9- Bluegrass Suicide
10- Barnes Away
11- ooh La La
12- Popcorn and Wine
13- Trinidad Hubbard
14- Peanut Butter Is A Man's Best Friend
15- Loser