Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands - The Absolute Elsewhere CD


"If you are a fan of Kate Bush, Dresden Dolls, Beirut, Tom Waits, Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Decemberists, Danny Elfman/Tim Burton or Yann Tiersen and enjoy exotic instruments like musical saws, concertina and accordions, this is the perfect album for you.  Bright has an eclectic, haunting but yet whimsical, carnivalesque world folk sound, dubbed "kaleidophrenic cabaret." She plays accordion, musical saw, concertina, piano, Taiko drum, adungu (Ugandan harp), and various others, leaving people captivated with her operatic and soulful vocals and virtuosic command of her exotic instruments. Her voice soars as the instrumentation and lyrics take you to worlds beyond the norm. She is just plain fun to listen to, and stands out as an artist with a true artistic voice." -

"Wildly eclectic, engaging and creative, the new album from Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands takes inspiration from myriad sources for a rather cinematic listening experience. From the gypsy funeral procession atmosphere of opener "The End" to the Latin-flavored "Bajando La Luna" and the wounded "Torment," there's no shortage of twists and turns across the album's 13 tracks." -

Track List:

1. The End 05:24 listen
2. October 05:28 listen
3. Forest of Dreams 04:35 listen
4. Engastrimyth 04:21 listen
5. Of Sirenuse 04:54 listen
6. Fall of the Seraph 06:21 listen Watch Video
7. Bajando La Luna 04:32 listen
8. Earth Above My Roots 04:52 listen
9. Crescent Moon Bear 05:45 listen
10. La Dona D'Aguia 05:30 listen
11. Tree of Tantalus 02:22 listen
12. Torment 04:38 listen
13. Choke 04:37 listen

Released in 2015