Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands - Muses & Bones CD


"Pigeonholing Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands' new disc, Muses and Bones, is tough. Bright's theatrical voice and reedy accordion lead the way for a bizarre melange of styles including polka, gypsy folk, old French parlor songs, cabaret, and even a touch of Latin flair. The entire album is fueled by the reedy sound of accordions from another era. It's easy to imagine Bright at the turn of the twentieth century, in a smoky cabaret full of deviants, or entertaining the crowds on a Coney Island sideshow." - Consequence of Sound

"From its rollicking, almost ska basslines, to the accordion accompaniment and Ms Bright's dramatic, showy vocals, Muses & Bones makes a noise that's nigh-on impossible to pin down." - Fatae Magazine (UK)

Track List:

1.Especially Your Mother 03:27 listen Watch Video
2.Drowned Out 03:31 listen Watch Video
3.The Misplaced Zygote: Down the Wrong Chimney 04:22 listen
4.Adungu 05:26 listen
5.Corpus Callosum 04:25 listen
6.Today 05:09 listen
7.Chimera March 01:00 listen
8.Toy Hammer 03:09 listen
9.In December 04:07 listen
10.Killing Table 05:19 listen
11.Spiral Sky 04:13 listen
12.Bones and Lilies 01:38 listen
13.Little Match Girl 05:21 listen

Released in 2011