Cris Jacobs Band - Dust to Gold CD


Dust to Gold, Cris Jacobs' second studio album, is a soul-stirring expression of the current chapter of his creative evolution. The album features twelve well-crafted songs that masterfully weave through the sweet and rugged landscape of soul, country, folk, blues, gospel, and rock and roll. Through every turn, one can easily feel Jacobs' reverence to his influences, but the result is an original, eclectic record with a sound that is authentically his. In a given moment, Jacobs' guitar playing is gritty, soulful, rich, and lyrical. It's subtle, yet adventurous. His voice is at once sweet and sultry, with a honeyed whiskey croon that delivers his thoughtful, expressive lyrics. 

  1. The Devil or Jess James
  2. Kind Woman 
  3. Hallelujah Hustler
  4. Jack the Whistle and the Hammer
  5. Cold Carolina
  6. Bone Digger 
  7. Delivery Man
  8. Turn into Gold 
  9. Little Dreamer 
  10. Break Your Fall 
  11. Shine Your Weary Light
  12. Leaving Charm City

Released in 2016