Corrinne West - The Promise CD

The music of Corinne West doesnt really fit in any genre box. Depending on the listener, Corinnes music might get called roots, Americana, or even progressive folk. There are echoes of rural towns, honky-tonks, roads traveled, and roads less traveled. Listen more closely and there are traces of Appalachia and Ireland, the Opry and the Apollo, and somehow the pure elements of a starry night. It is elegant new sexy acoustic jazz-rock-folk. It is west coast acoustic-soul music. By any name, her music is absolutely compelling both in the strength of her writing and the expressive power of her voice. The Promise has provocative lyrics, great accompaniment, and singing that quickens the heart. At the center of it all is Corinnes voice. She sounds like honey, smoke and sunrise. Its a voice you want to hear closely - theres integrity in it and each time you press ''play'' you have placed yourself in the best seat in the house. Corinne West tours North America and the UK continuously performing 200+ dates annually.

1. The Promise2. Pollen3. The Stranger4. Lily Ann5. The River's Fool6. Everybody's Talkin'7. Whisky Poet8. Lady Luck9. Turn The Wheel

Release date 11.17.2009