Corinne West - Bound for the Living CD


From the open meadows of California's sierra mountains, Corinne West spins tales with a part velvet and part grit voice that is both achingly penetrating and highly addictive. Her music has a cool, layered, yet driven sound and has been referred to as "utterly spell-binding", "radiant", and "extraordinarily beautiful" by reviewers world-wide.

Her writing runs a golden thread through the likes of country, bluegrass, western, Americana and folk, resulting in a style that is hers alone. With the talents of Nina Gerber and some friends from The Waybacks, Corinne has concocted the perfect Americana recipe, which recently resulted in her acclaimed debut album "Bound For the Living".

Corinne is currently working on her follow up record for "Bound For The Living", which is being produced with Mike Marshall featuring Jerry Douglas, Tony Furtado, Mike himself and more!

When not in the studio, she is captivating audiences far and wide with a full touring schedule. She performs with her band The Posse, which is a rotating cast of talented instrumentalists.

Ms. West is forging her own contribution to Americana music, which fuses the distinct voice of an original singer-songwriter with the driving steam of an American Roots train. Combining a swingin' pace with melodic ballads, Corinne delivers a soulful body of music that strikes the listener at the core.