Club d'Elf - Perhapsody (2 live CDs)

When Club d'Elf released its first studio CD of its nine years of existence in 2006, it was only fitting that the band should hold its official release party at the Lizard Lounge, where it had been playing most every other Thursday since '98. For this special evening leader Mike Rivard gathered together a heavyweight ensemble consisting of MMW keyboardist John Medeski, the dual guitars of Dave Tronzo (Daniel Lanois/Sex Mob) and Duke Levine (Shawn Colvin/Jonatha Brooke), Mister Rourke (Soulive) on turntables and samples, and original d'Elf drummer Erik Kerr. Joining this stellar cast (with Rivard on electric and acoustic basses and the Moroccan sintir) were horn players Tom Hall, Tom Halter (Either/Orchestra) and Sam Kininger (Soulive). Fortunately the music that evening was recorded, captured in all of it's detail on multi-track. The result is a live release that sounds like a studio release - Perhapsody, the band's seventh release on LA based Kufala. The album captures the intense energy that d'Elf bring to their live shows, which have become the stuff of legend, featuring telepathic improvisations adorning relentless grooves, played by musicians at the top of their craft.

Disc 1:
1. Intro/Bass Beatbox
2. Sin Gas
3. Perhapsody
4. Life of the Mind
5. Amazing Prelude
6. Berber Song
7. Goblin Garden
8. The Tingler
9. Hungry Ghosts

Disc 2:
1. Cave Man
2. That is My Voice
3. Salvia pt. i
4. Salvia pt. ii
5. Jar of Hair
6. Softly
7. Sand

Released July 2007