Club d'Elf - Live At Vassar Chapel 2/26/01 (2 CDs)

Club D'Elf is a Boston based collective centered around bass player Mike Rivard and a core of main conspirators. After years as one of Boston's most in-demand bass players (the Story, Morphine, Either/Orchestra), Rivard has made many good musical contacts, and uses them to call in an extremely wide variety of guest musicians/club members. The band's self-described concept is "live dub-trance-groove excursions, incorporating electronica, hip hop, funk, and free jazz as well as Moroccan and West African trance traditions". The bottom line is the groove, but there's always far more going on than your basic jam band.

Matt Maneri - electric violin; Brahim Frigbane - oud, voice, perc.; John Medeski - keyboards; Randy Roos - guitar; Mike Rivard - bass; Erik Karr - drums

Disc One:
1- Big Light In Sky mp3
2- The Tingler mp3
3- Sidi Rabi mp3
4- Scorpionic mp3

Disc Two:
1- Stigmata
2- Jungle Adiago
3- Last Business
4- Challaban
5- Shadow's Shift