Chasing Edison - Black Maria CD

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Chasing Edison is a high-energy-one-of-a-kind four piece rock band based in Charlotte, NC. All the members draw from diverse styles creating fun adventurous set lists that blend rock, funk, and classic harmonies. After a 2011 feature in Relix magazine, Chasing Edison has produced two self titled EP's and their LP "Black Maria" (named derived from Thomas Edison's 1st recording studio). Always constantly experimenting with new material, writing styles, and effects they push the boundaries during live performance. Notably Chasing Edison has shared the stage with Robert Randolph Family Band, RAQ, Jeff Coffin's Mutet, Otis Taylor, all within in the last year. Check out this Summer's festival circuit and look for Chasing Edison in a venue near and soon.

Track List:
1. Watch it Burn listen
2. People listen
3. Pendejo listen
4. Fog listen
5. The Example listen
6. Wizard listen
7. Wizard 2 listen
8. Heffro's Revenge listen
9. Folks listen
10. Wizard 3 listen
11. Wizard 4 listen
12. Morphine Tiger listen

Released in 2010