Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola - Not Getting Behind is the New Getting Ahead CD


"Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead" demonstrates how Charlie Hunter continues to be one of the most interesting guitar players of our time. To say nothing of his unique improvisational technique, Hunter is constantly covering new musical ground whether it's reggae, rock, electronic music or jazz. While his discography has a balance of hits and misses, Hunter is always interesting. Unlike some of his more ambitious efforts, "Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead" is back to basics, straight up rock. Much like the " Duo " album cut with Leon Parker, this is another guitar and drums project. So while it doesn't break any new ground, it reminds us that Charlie Hunter isn't so full of big ideas as to forget about the basics of great groove. This duo sounds fantastic. Given the guitar work, it sounds like a full group. Indeed, the title track showcases Hunter's ability to play a great bass line on his seven string guitar. One of the hottest, orgiastic solos is played on 'There Used To Be A Nightclub There.' 'Rust Belt' is funky with a capitol 'F.' The overall vibe is chill. There are a few rockin' tunes that cook but most of the songs walk in a relaxed tempo. Following the current evolution in Hunter's sound, those Hammond B-3 style chords are almost totally absent. The emphasis here is on rock with a bluesy feel. Amendola and Hunter play well together. At times, Scott Amendola's chops are tight enough to make him sound like a co-author. Not all of the tunes are winners; the slower material is less compelling. That written, one of the album's strengths is the production. Unlike on the "Duo" album, the mix here is perfect. While it may not be essential, this is a recommended project. Listen to Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola to find out why "Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead."

1 Assessing The Assessors, An Assessor's Assessment

2 Rust Belt

3 There Used To Be A Nightclub There

4 The Wizard Pounds The Pavement

5 Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead

6 Ghost Mall

7 Blind Arthur

8 Those Desks Aren't Going To Clean Themselves

9 Dot Dot Dah

10 Economy With Dignity