Charlie Hunter Trio - Mistico CD

The Charlie Hunter Trio, consisting of Simon Lott on drums and Erik Deutsch on piano, Fender Rhodes, and CasioTone, have unleashed their first studio recording entitled Mistico on Fantasy/Concord Records! Is it rock? Is it funk? Is it jazz? YES! It's the indefinable, yet irresistible, musical hybrid that comes from the master of the 7-string guitar, Charlie Hunter. With its decidedly loose and live feel, Mistico is anything but straightforward - it's pure Charlie Hunter, and it's a Charlie Hunter that you've never heard before. Relix Magazine says "What's not to like when Hunter announces smartly constructed tunes, Deutsch drives hom the point often on piano and Lott syncopates the hot rhythms?"

1. Lady 5:42
2. Speakers Built In 6:19
3 Ballad 5:02
4. Balls 4:46
5. Wizard Sleeve 5:06
6 Drop A Dime 4:38
7 Spoken Word 3:37
8 Special Shirt 5:40
9 Mistico 7:33
10 Chimp Gut 4:51

Released July 31, 2007