Cerulean City - Trio Grande CD

A wonderful debut! Cerulean City showcases their easygoing instrumental grooves on "Trio Grande", which was recorded on the fly in the studio. Having learned their craft from greats like Wayne Krantz, John Pattitucci, and Kim Plainfield, the three members of Cerulean City bring enough talent for endearing melodies to the table that they don't have to set the speakers aflame with blazing solos. Instead, they tick-tock through a group of harmonious compositions that constantly breach the surface of improvisation and leave plenty of space for the listener.

1- Disco Johnson mp3
2- Sherbert mp3
3- We Smoke 'em Peace Pipe mp3
4- Frostration mp3
5- Very Toight mp3
6- The Upgrade mp3
7- Cerulean City mp3
8- Leonard mp3
9- Pot Belly mp3
10- No A/C mp3
11- 23rd Hour mp3

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