Cat Power - You Are Free CD

The first album since 1999 from Chan Marshall, one of the premier female singer-songwriters of our generation. This album explores the world of relationships and fame. Catchy, intense, and beguiling. The 14 pieces on You Are Free maintain a spontaneity, but, compared with their digressive live incarnations, they've been given focus--a development that owes something to a notable supporting cast that includes Dave Grohl on drums and Eddie Vedder on vocals. Marshall's impressionistic vision is expressed with a new clarity while retaining its affecting understatement and sense of dislocation.

1. I Don't Blame You mp3
2. Free mp3
3. Good Woman mp3
4. Speak for Me mp3
5. Werewolf mp3
6. Fool mp3
7. He War mp3
8. Shaking Paper mp3
9. Babydoll
10. Maybe Not
11. Names
12. Half of You
13. Keep on Runnin' (Crawlin' Black Spider)
14. Evolution

Released 2/18/03