Cas Haley - Connection CD


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With his debut album selling over 30,000 copies without major distribution or marketing, Cas Haley retreated to his home in Paris, Texas, to create a timeless album of reggae-pop songs filled with chill grooves and irresistible melodies. His crystalline voice and funky, easygoing beats earned Cas a second-place finish on America's Got Talent, which in turn netted him a measure of fame and a following. But the contest also locked the Texan singer/songwriter into a major label deal that didn't feel right. So, not wanting to be turned into a manufactured product, he struck out on his own. The superb result: Connection, a collection of songs basking in the musical maturity that comes from staying true to his artistic vision.

Track List:
1. Release Me (The Fear) listen
2. Better listen
3. Take A Chance listen
4. Will I Find listen
5. No One listen
6. Let It Out listen
7. Time And Truth listen
8. Counting Stars listen
9. I’m Free listen
10. Here I Come (featuring Josh Heinrichs) listen
11. Everyday listen
12. Connection listen
13. Better (Michael G Easy Star All-Stars Remix) listen

Released 09.14.2010