Caribou - Andorra CD

Dan Snaith, under the guise of Caribou (formerly Manitoba), has been producing critically acclaimed albums for six years now, each an impressive development on the previous one. For Andorra, he marries the kaleidoscopic grandeur he's known for with pop melodies and harmonies crammed densely together. The album is so vividly three-dimensional, it's hard to believe it was performed and recorded entirely by Snaith at home, save for vocal and songwriting contributions by friend/tour mate Jeremy Greenspan on one track. To make something so beautiful and vast from surroundings so constrained is surely Caribou's unique alchemy.

MUZE Notes: Dan Snaith's project Caribou has always displayed a great reverence for the splashy opulence of '60s psychedelic-pop. If earlier albums borrowed liberally from his influences--sounding much like a panoply of carefully crafted snippets from the most blissed-out moments of pop music's past 30 years--ANDORRA polishes out the rough edges to reveal actual songs. Despite the newfound emphasis on songwriting cohesion, the album revels in deep layers of textural embellishment. Mixing in sound-collages, symphonic passages, and layered vocals, the music recalls the bold pop experimentation of George Martin and Brian Wilson.

1. Melody Day 4:11 mp3
2. Sandy 4:09 mp3
3. After Hours 6:15 mp3
4. She's the One 3:59 mp3
5. Desiree 4:12 mp3
6. Eli 3:04 mp3
7. Sundialing 4:40 mp3
8. Irene 3:38 mp3
9. Niobe 8:51

Released August 2007

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