C Lanzbom - Meditations CD


C LANZBOM is one of the most powerful, creative and emotional guitarists in the country, a man capable of effortlessly moving between a myriad of styles and blending and shaping them all with with his distinctly exotic flair. There's a defining grace in everything he plays, bringing a comforting familiarity to his music, whether it's as a solo artist or anchoring his beloved band SOULFARM.

C LANZBOM grew up at the Jersey Shore, memorizing the guitar solos, note-for-note, of Jerry Garcia, Duane Aliman and Eric Clapton, as well as jazz Charlie Parker, Lester Young and Charley Christian. But Lanzbom decided to study, instead, with jazz saxophonist-keyboardist Lenny Popkins, a direct descendent of the great bebop keyboardist Lenny Tristano, for a reason as pure as his sound. Lanzbom wanted to absorb the essence of music, not the technique. Feeling for music, he reasoned, should come first and technique would surely follow. It certainly did. Lanzbom became the music - a man who spoke and moved in sound. While other guitarists fretted over mechanics, Lanzbom learned what was necessary, put it aside, and just played. Lanzbom's musical journey actually takes root in Israel. He had become restless with the stagnating state of music in the United States, and set off to explore the world and its music. Lanzbom landed in Israel and became one of the top studio and performing musicians in the country.

C LANZBOM has always nurtured a solo career that allows him to broaden the magically warm experience he's always gotten from playing guitar. MEDITATIONS taps deeper into the spiritual Middle Eastern grooves and transports the listener to places rarely visited. Drawing primarily from Americana-style acoustic folk to Renaissance to new age jazz, MEDITATIONS embarks on a timeless cultural journey through Lanzbom's delicately intricate guitar excursions.

Shomer Yisroel
Hinei Yamin
We Can Begin
A Day Off
Ode Yishoma
Mizmor L'David
Lecha Dodi
Yidalei Shrai
Song For Cindy

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