Buddy Greene - Happy Man CD

The pickin' party that began with "RUFUS" continues with HAPPY MAN, Buddy's latest offering of old and new favorites. This acoustic feast includes bluegrass, folk, Irish jigs, Cajun, and of course good ol' gospel served up by an impressive line up of instrumental and vocal talent. Caution to all curmudgeons: contents could make you happy.

Track List:
1. Darlin' Corey (3:58) mp3 sample
2. Sugar Foot Rag (3:46) mp3 sample
3. Last Thing on My Mind (4:14) mp3 sample
4. The Likes of Me (2:54) mp3 sample
5. Little Rabbit (2:20) mp3 sample
6. Talk About Sufferin' (5:27) mp3 sample
7. Wrasslin' Jacob (3:24) mp3 sample
8. Happy Man (2:58) mp3 sample
9. Kemo Kimmo mp3 sample
10. Rise from the Ruin mp3 sample
11. She Belongs to Me (2:54) mp3 sample
12. Road to Lisddonvarna/Garryowen (3:35) mp3 sample
13. You Took All the Ramblin' out of Me (3:27) mp3 sample
14. Wheel Hoss (2:26) mp3 sample
15. Walkin' in Jerusalem (4:08) mp3 sample

Released in 2009.