Brian Mitchell - Rhythm & Poetry CD

Brian Mitchell is a guitarist you've probably heard, perhaps without even knowing. His precise playing was part of Kansas' own funk outfit The Yards, as well as Carlos Washington's Giant People and Amayo's Fu Arkestra featuring members of Antibalas. His debut CD, Rhythm and Poetry, finds the highly skilled guitarist joined by Marco Benevento (organ) and Joe Russo (drums), aka "The Duo," plus Critters Buggin/Garage A Trois instrumentalist Mike Dillon (percussion, vibes, conga, tabla).

This appealing combination of musicians sounds exactly as good as you think it should, and is equally as impossible to describe!

1- Sixth Whole Soul mp3
2- Blues For Laura mp3
3- A Stories Dream mp3
4- Lights Over Lagos mp3
5- Ra Sees The Sunmp3
6- Pots And Pans mp3
7- Dissentrance mp3
8- Lemon Dub mp3

Released July 2006