Benevento/Russo Duo - Paradise, Boston, MA 12/2/05 (2 CDs)

An amazing live recording from this white-hot duo! The Duo hit the road in March of 2005 to support their album Best Reason To Buy The Sun, and they haven't slowed down since. With audience expectations growing, Marco and Joe introduced new compositions and continued defying categorization with every new tune and show. This 2-disc set was recorded at Boston's Paradise on December 2, 2005, and is a stunning portrait of this twosome's amazing abilities.

Disc One:
1- Play Pause Stop mp3
2- Welcome Red mp3
3- Sunny's Song mp3
4- Soba mp3
5- Becky mp3
6- Memphis mp3
7- 9X9 mp3
8- The Three Question Marks mp3
9- Mephisto mp3

Disc Two:
1- Hate Frame
2- Myxomatosis
3- Best Reason To Buy The Sun
4- My Pet Goat

Released May 30, 2006